T & C's

Terms and Conditions

  • The owner must ensure that the caravan is accessible from all sides{bare minimum 2ft. 3ft preferred}
  • The caravan cleaner will ensure the caravan will be left in a secure and safe condition once cleaning has completed.
  • Caravans will not be cleaned on the public road
  • All vehicles to be cleaned may need to tilted to aid in the cleaning of the roofs.
  • The Caravan cleaner does not accept any liability for damage to the caravan if it is not securely pitched.
  • During External cleaning the windows and doors are not opened, therefore any surfaces that are obscured by them will not be cleaned.
  • If cleaning is to be carried out on storage or campsites it is the responsibility of the owner to obtain permission of the land owner prior to cleaning.
  • Aqua seal Pro and Duet treatments are not done on the roofs of any vehicles
  • Cancellations made less than 24hours before appointment will be subject to a charge of £25 (this charge is at the discretion of The caravan Cleaner)

  • Payment must be made in full on the day of cleaning by Cash, BACS, PayPal, or credit card (a card machine is onboard)
  • Changes to these terms and conditions are subject to changes by The Caravan Cleaner at anytime.

Last edited: 19/11/2019

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