Cleaning Service

All cleans include a Roof to wheels wash

All vehicles get a full Low pressure three stage wash.

This includes:-

A Full all over wash which removes all the surface dirt and road grime.


Autosmart’s HAZSAFE XLS

"An excellent Traffic Film Remover, which leaves a shiny finish. It is classified as non-hazardous"

Then : -

all the body is washed down by hand carefully and cleaned to remove

all the heavy ground-in dirt and majority of stains.

Autosmart’s DUET

The last stage is a wash and wax (Carnauba wax)

“Leaves a high wax, gloss finish on paintwork, giving protection against the elements.”


I now offer a new additional polish called Cobalt+ as well as the 'Duet' wash and wax.

"Cobalt+ is a highly versatile polish, using unique Ionic Nanotechnology

£15 per vehicle.

The Minimum wash time is 2.5 hours.




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Last edited: 31/12/2018