The Caravan Cleaner is a fully mobile unit which can carry its own water. Together with a low pressure pump, platform ladder and steps is a versatile unit capable of cleaning caravans the way they should be…
with care, precision and understanding.

 We cover all of Essex and Suffolk.

Just give us a Call.

07773 463 922

*Ask me about the new Awning rail protectors or Mirror Protectors.

Last edited: 25/04/2019

Hi I'm Mark the caravan cleaner

I started this business in 2014 when I saw a need, specifically for a tourer and motorhome cleaner.

I only use a low pressure water supply with absolutely no pressure washers in sight.

Cleaning Prices are staying the same price for the third year running!

The Caravan Cleaner is versatile unit capable of keeping caravans cleaned the way they should be, with care, precision and understanding.

All the chemicals used are from Autosmart;

Which I use to keep my own vehicles and caravans cleaned.

I pride myself on being as honest and upfront as possible.

My new van now stocks a few essential spares for minor repairs.

Thank you for looking at my website.

Ask me about the new awning rail protector deals.

Please check my other services just in case you can combine jobs on one visit!

If you have any questions or would like to book a Clean, please call, text or email me.